October 24, 2015

Organize your life with Best Productivity App "My Effectiveness Pro"

I recently had change in my work profile and went from being a analyst to business development manager. My new role required lot of realignment in work profile, skill set, working style, the level of engagement I have with people. I would have normally utilized  my current favorite app Trello to reorganize everything. My mission, goals, activities, projects, my  to-do lists. 
But one fine day I stumbled upon this fantastic app my effectiveness pro. It was recommended by my sales trainer 'akash'  during my sales training. This app is based on productivity and time management principles of "7 habits of highly effective people" by Dr. Stephen covey. 

Image Credit: Andtek

List of 7 habits is as follows :

App Revolves around the flow of 5 activities of productivity.

1) Defining your Mission- With ability to protect the mission with password if you want to keep it away from world.
2)  Write down your Influences and concerns
3) Your Roles and Goals in life
4) Actions needed to be taken to complete goals
5) Weekly plan

App has usual and some new bells and whistles like note taking, Weekly plan based on urgency, Pomodoro timer,


Image Credit: Andtek

Developer has provided well written instructions for walk through of app and how to guide.
You can also visit developer's site at http://andtek.blogspot.com 

So I would suggest do check out the app, you will definately like it. Do comment with your views about the app and how it helped you organise yourself


christina said...

do you guys have a tutorial as to how to use this app, thanks, Christina

Salim Ahmed said...

Useful app I recommend it.

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Bhushan Baheti said...

Well written. Definitely gonna try!!

sanket jagtap said...

Christina.. The app has inbuilt tutorial in help section on how to use it.. :)

sanket jagtap said...

Christina.. The app has inbuilt tutorial in help section on how to use it.. :)

Anonymous said...

Does this app sync across multiple devices?

Arie said...

Yes, it does.

It uses Google Drive. I've tested on both of my android phones. It worked perfectly well.

However, I'm not sure if my effectiveness pro can run on desktop computer and notebook, though. I think it would be great if its programmer(s) also provide it on mostly used operating system nowadays such as windows, mac, bsd, and linux.

Just my two cents.

Amzad Hossin said...

Really nice app. Hopefully it's provide good productivity. Thanks for sharing

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Brandon M said...

I wish I could get this App on my desktop where I do most of my work. Any idea if that will happen?

quang nguyen said...

wondering if there is a desktop version of this as this is where i do pretty much all of my work

H.Mallem said...
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H.Mallem said...

Thanks for the post i'm personally using it for couple of mounths and it's simply amazing,
Brandom M and Quang Nguyen if you really want to use it on Desktop you can use Nox (en.bignox.com) software it's an emulator that allows you to run android on your windows so just install it there and there you are, you have the app running on your desktop.

PS : if you have installed this app on and your mobile make sure to sync your data so you can continue without being in mess. For example i've tasks this morning using my phone before switching to desktop i should push my data to google drive then when i use my desktop version the first thing i should do i pull the data then you can work, to sum up everything at each ended session make sure to upload your data when you done from the work and load your data if you use another device, i know that can be so exhausting, so if you use your desktop most of time i think it's better just to use one device at once.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

IS there a web version of this app for adding quick tasks/projects/checklists?

Mauricio Hinojosa said...

Hola, buen día
alguien conoce si existe una aplicación para el escritorio. saludos

Jane Doe said...

Does it have an iOS version yet?

Anonymous said...

Hay programas para conectar el teléfono o la tablet al ordenador y poder ver en la pantalla las app del dispositivo como si lo tuvieras instalado en el ordenador de sobremesa. Y sin necesidad de estar sincronizando.

Nepal Shop said...

The book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" will be the tutorial.

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Kimberley L. Stribling said...

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Tejinder Singh Bansal said...

Hello, Is it possible to sync google calender with the calender in this app. Will be a facilitator since google calender syncs with many of the activities around.

Arafin Sardar said...

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Jogesh Debnath said...
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