April 5, 2015

SMS Marketing: How to Guide

There was a Time when SMS marketing seemed to be a spent force with no apparent impact on customer mindset, as Marketer's SMSes had to compete with the messages from friends and family for mind-share of the customers. But that seems to be changing as most of the customers have moved to messaging apps like WhatsApp, SnapShat, Facebook messenger, WeChat etc for connecting with loved ones. The clutter in one's SMS inbox has reduced , with customers getting almost 85% less SMSes and  marketers  gaining more mind-share of the customers.

So now is the perfect time to utilize SMS marketing opportunity for effectively reaching out to customers.

In doing so marketer has to keep in mind few rights and few wrongs.


[Do's]Build your phone number list from scratch:

Imagine a situation when you received a unsolicited SMS from a unknown business, there is a great possibility you will ignore it. So to overcome this, ask your customers to provide their phone numbers  if they would like to receive communication from you. Here's a method used by a restaurant near my office which I frequent for lunch. Restaurant provides the feedback form and pen with bill statement. So till the time payment is completed at the counter , customer is idle with the feedback form and pen, and fills the form 90% of the time.
This may be little bit tedious but it is sure shot way to get contact numbers of customers who may be genuinely interested in your product or services and would want to interact more with your business.Giving a call can be  too much disruptive for the customers , whereas the SMS is a subtle way to reach a potential customer. A great way to show that you are offering something of value without being to much pushy. You can update about new discounts, products, services or maybe announcing a new branch or location.

[Do's]Keep it short and Simple:

Lot has been written about the size and preciseness of SMS. Give your message in clear and short way. Customers love it when their needs as addressed in short, precise manner with to the point communication.

[Do's]Include captivating call to action:

Language you use should be actionable , addressed to the reader in person, include clear value proposition in SMS, with focusing on completing action ASAP by using words like today, now. If possible try to personalize your SMS with available SMS tools in market like Text Blaster , this could be anything like replying with some code for special offers, website links to redirect to website landing page etc.


[Don't] Buy Telephone numbers:

As mentioned in the starting of post, buying a number database is waste of money, time , resources and efforts. As you would never know if the targeted audience is interested in you service or not. If customer is uninterested in getting any type of communication from you, such customer can block your number. Be careful as it will hurt your brand in customer's mind.

[Don't ] Always Sell:

Every Customer  can be potentially miffed by the pushy nature of service providing firm. You don't want your business to be remembered as intimidating and  pushing products at customer's face every now and then. Use your feedback form to gather as much information you can about the customers. Birthday, anniversary, festival wishes are great occasions to be on top of mind of customers and not look pushy.

[Don't] forget yourself:

Imagine a situation when you draft and send a amazing SMS campaign and forget to mention who you are and what you represent. Well that's a  awful waste of opportunity with money, efforts.

Here are some benefits you get by using SMS as a Marketing Medium.


High Open Rate-

Unlike Email , the rate of opening an SMS is almost 100%, as soon as users see an SMS they do see its content.

High Conversion Rate-

As explained earlier due to targeted Marketing to customers , the conversion rate is high. Its just like programmatic advertising or profile based advertising, where you know that customer is willing to hear from you.

Reliable Medium-

Its a reliable way to reach out to customers, you don't have to fight email filters or user filter to reach customers. As the clutter in message inbox has reduced it has become more reliable.

It’s a direct, immediate channel-

You get direct access and 24/7 access to customers. With immediate effect of customer reading and taking action.

Opt-in marketing Channel-

Customers are willing to opt-in to get communication from you. This helps in focused targeting of customers , with sure customer response as he/she is interested in interacting with your business.


Unknown said...

These are all great strategies in text marketing. I use all the above approaches myself and it has helped me in my campaigns. It is important to build your list from scratch with people willing to share their number. This usually yields in better conversions and protects privacy standards. If you are looking for software be sure it has privacy protection policy. The software I use (Automated Sales Intelligence)is the complete package with excellent privacy protection and has made text message marketing worry free. But no matter what software you choose be sure to use the above strategies, they do work.

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