December 4, 2010

Exploring Visual Studio 2010

Exploring Visual Studio 2010

What are new changes in Visual studio 2010
• WPF Powered UI
• Pin your project
• Zooming
• Multi screen development
• Improved multi targeting
• Quicker add reference
• Highlight references
• Improved Intellisense
• Improved toolbox
• Faster searching: Navigate to
• Box selection / entry
• More code generation
• Consume first
• SSMS inside VS2010
• Call Hierarchy
Pin a project in recent projects on start page
• Zooming in the text editor
• CRTL + Scroller
• Adjust size manually in code file
Multi screen development
• Easier to dock windows
• Put your windows wherever you want
• Everything is floatable
• Even outside of Visual Studio
Improved multi targeting
• Previous frameworks back to .NET 2.0
• Filtered project list based on target framework
• Filtered toolbox based on target framework
• VS2008: Generate methods
• VS2010: Generate more (classes, structs,interfaces,enums, methods)

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