October 26, 2010

Introduction to Web development tool Webmatrix

Build Websites With Microsoft WebMatrix.

On monday I happened to visit MIT, pune for MSP open days. There a MSP omkar khair gave a demo on how to use Webmatrix.
Thanks to him I came to know about webmatrix, I didnt knew about it. So I decided to explore abt webmatrix, Its an simple tool to build website. And extremely good for newbies and I say a essential tool for RAD(Rapid application Development). Webmatrix pretty well contains all necessary tools for efficient website development.Webmatrix is for developers as well as students. Tools are as follows 
 :-IIS Developer Express (a development Web server), ASP.NET (a Web framework), and SQL Server Compact (an embedded database). 

courtesy:  For omkars Blog.

You can create blogs,  cms, wiki etc with the help of web matrix.
Check out this videos 
for more Info

Download Webmatrix at.
Courtesy : Microsoft webmatrix learning center.


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Pyro said...

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nice blog...thanks for the tips..
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Asis Bapi said...

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VonExpy Softech said...

Good to know about web matrix. I just want to try my hands now.

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ags auxano said...

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Shalini Verma said...
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Shalini Verma said...
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Shalini Verma said...

Good to know about the Microsoft WebMatrix tool. I will definitely try this to make blog for our website.