October 11, 2014

Indonesia Telecom Market 1

Indonesia Country Information

  • Indonesia is a country consisting of 17,508 islands from the East to the West and lies between Asia and Australia. 
  • It shares borders with Malaysia on Borneo Island, East Timor on Timor Island and Papua New Guinea on Papua Island. 
  • Other neighboring countries include Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Palau and India(Andaman and Nicobar).

  • Indonesia has a population of about 242.32 million people and a territory of 1,904,569 sq. km, with a density of 134 per sq. km2. 
  • The territory of Indonesia stretches from 6o 08’ N to 11o 15’ S latitude and from 94o 45’ E to 141o 05’ E longitude.
  • Weather and climate in Indonesia are linked to the country’s proximity to the Equator, making Indonesia a tropical climate country where, in general, the weather is hot and humid. 
  • Indonesia’s climate is divided into two distinct seasons: dry and rainy seasons. 
  • The rainy season goes from October to April and the dry season starts in March and ends in September.

Indonesian Economy:

  • Growth in gross domestic product (GDP) moderated to 5.8% in 2013 from an average of 6.3% over the previous 3 years, as investment decelerated sharply. 
  • Bank Indonesia, the central bank, raised interest rates to restrain domestic demand at a time of rising inflation and a widening current account deficit.
  • Growth in fixed investment slowed to 4.7% in 2013 after strong increases of about 9% annually in 2010-2012. 
  • This largely reflected the impact higher interest rates and rupiah depreciation had on investment in machinery and equipment.
  • Investment in buildings held up relatively well. 
  • The central government’s capital spending moderated, though it still expanded by 18.4%. Gross fixed investment as a share of GDP edged down to 31.7%.
  • Private consumption remained robust in 2013, expanding by 5.3% and contributing half of the growth in GDP on the expenditure side.

Telecommunications in Indonesia

Subscriber and Penetration

  • With 278 million subscribers, Indonesia is the 4th largest mobile market in the world. 
  • It is also in the world’s top ten 3G markets, with broadband users skipping fixed connections and going straight to mobile (just as they did before with voice telephony). 
  • The rapid move to smartphones means the mobile operators are also key players in the internet sector, though note that 2.5G mobile technology is still remarkably widespread. 
  • Fixed broadband lines only feature at the top of the market, targeted at businesses and high-end consumers.

February 28, 2014

Taking complete backup of android phone using SnapPea

Have you experienced your android phone is down because of some problem and you have lost all contacts,all data, your photos, music. One day I was a rooting one of my devices that is Samsung galaxyY. I  had downloaded * ROM for my Samsung galaxy y and I took backup of my contacts but I did not take any backup of my SD card. And I wanted to root my android device are so that I can partition my SD card and use its part memory for installing new apps. I was doing it because I had are no space left for installing new apps. I rooted device but  absent-mindedly  I formatted it without backup and  then partitioned SD card. I lost all my data from SD card . So when I bought a new device, of course I wanted to root the device again to play with the different apps.

 This time I decided to be cautious and take a proper backup of my android phone. Now there are many applications like titanium backup, Astro file manager, this applications allow you to store data on cloud. I therefore  decided  to use are stand alone application which can be installed on computer to take backup .

Its name is SnapPea. Now SnapPea allows you to take complete backup of your android phone.You can take backup of photos, music, contacts, most importantly it allows you to take backup of apps installed on your android smart phone.

 You can also use SnapPea to install applications on Android.  This is also an easy way to pull or extract android apk files from your android smartphone.

This android apk files can be used  to re-install mobile apps into your phone without using Internet connection.

It most useful method to save your data plan.

You can download SnapPea from their website . Also if you come across any problems using snappy please write to us.
Download here: http://snappea.com/windows.html
✓ Manage your apps, contacts, music, photos, and videos
✓ Text message from your computer
✓ Auto-connect over Wi-Fi or USB
✓ Backup your phone


✓ Download apps for FREE
✓ Download videos for FREE
✓ Save your data plan

February 15, 2014

Improving Productivity Using Google's Quickoffice

Yesterday we saw an application Quip which is an online word processor that can be used in your browser as well as your android phone and your apple iPhone or iPod but it had one short coming that it was not able to import files from Microsoft Word. Hence it will be difficult for many of the people who still use Microsoft Word and therefore I was thinking of writing an article on an application which will help you in editing word files.
Google Quickoffice

 Now you might find many applications on both android as well as iOS platform which are able to edit Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. But many of them are paid and expensive like OfficeSuite Pro 7.

Kingsoft office
If not paid then do not offer the editing facility. The ones like Kingsoft Office which do offer some editing facility are not that much capable and do not offer varied capabilities. So I thought that I should write an article on Google's Quickoffice which is both free an extremely capable application.
You can gauge the capability of Quickoffice from this fact that this entire article has been written in Quickoffice word processor.

Google's Quickoffice Word

Although it is connected to Google drive, there is no need to you have Internet connected to use Quickoffice. You can save the documents to your Google drive or to the phone memory or your SD card. There are many options to format the text and to create great documents, spreadsheets, presentations.
In the word processor you have an option of inserting the images from the gallery or camera, Quickoffice word processor has facility to insert tables.

Google's Quickoffice Spreadsheet
In spreadsheets it allows you to insert charts and links. Also in spreadsheets and word and presentation you have the ability for changing font properties, alignment, border and cell properties.
The Quickoffice presentation application helps you in creating presentations on the go. It allows you to insert images from gallery, images from camera,and also the shapes. The shapes include basic shapes, equations, flowcharts etc.
Google's Quickoffice Presentation
I hope this article helps you motivate to try Quickoffice for yourself and decide whether it will help you in improving your productivity or not. I hope that Google comes up with an windows phone version of Google Quickoffice so that the users of all platforms can have benefit of this amazing service. I also forgot to mention that the documents which are saved on Google Quickoffice can be accessed anywhere in the world and you can edit them on your desktop browser . We at tech impressions will try to find more search applications wish will help the readers of our blog how to improve the productivity, reduce the hassles and stress, and make best use of their time .

So I am enclosing link of quick office for both android and apple IOS platform . If you come across any problem accessing this service and need any help using this app you can definitely write to us or comment below in the comments section.

February 14, 2014

Improving productivity using Quip Cross platform collaboration word processor

Have you ever have gone through the problem when your team is at different locations and has access to different machines or computers or platforms for an important project and they are not able to collaborate properly and it has led to delays in your delivery schedules , dead lines etc.

You may find many programs which claim to work on different platforms but actually they are working only on desktop. It is extremely hard to find good apps which work with mobile also. As the reach and penetration of smart phone increase there will be a need of applications which are highly optimized for use with smartphones. But in this case the word processors of our world have not kept up with this changing technologies Microsoft although they are trying to bring many technologies for mobile but still they haven't been able to adapt the famous office suite properly for mobile.

It has been almost three decades since the word processors  have been launched and they have not are kept up with the today's world.It is hard to find a good word processor which can work on different  platforms and  so here is a great application launched by a former for Facebook CTO Bret Taylor and  ex-Googler Kevin Gibbs, it is called as "Quipan collaborative word processor and a message system. 

Actually it is mixture of both Word and Mobile Messenger. Specialty of Quip is that it adapts to the screen size of your gadget , no matter if it is smartphone, phablet, tablet or desktop. Although quip works online at  www.quip.com but it specifically designed for mobile. Currently the company has launched a online version of the mobile version for android and  apple IOS.

 "Quip is useful for all those are entrepreneurs, product managers, working people, small business owners who have teams working in different locations". 

Now many companies are adopting the policies of Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) hence there is a  requirement of such cross platform document collaboration tool. Quip has timed the release of its service at a perfect time. You can use the desktop version on your browser as well as android version on android phones and apple version IOS.

Basically quip is modern word processor which has been highly optimised for the era of handheld phones  and tablets. You can use Quip  to import files from Dropbox, Google drive and Evernote. All though makers of Quip say that it is not specifically made for business users but it can still be used by the business users for creating and sharing the documents.The documents are mixed and combined into are single thread just like in an chat application which allows multiple collaborators to edit the same document.

Users are allowed to share any document with other users.
When your teammates open the document you'll get a notification. This helps you join the club of ongoing work and help you to walk them through  the document using Quip's internal messaging system. Currently you are allowed you to share your document via e-mail also you to can print your document and save in pdf format. I hope that the next update which comes will allow us to import word documents and also save in word format.

As open  www.quip.com i;e Quip's Website. On the start page you will get links to application for Apple app store as well as Android Play Store. You would see a link for signing up. As soon as you sign up, Quip will show all the documents which are there in your Quip Account, which will be shown on your home screen. You will get one document "Introduction to Quip". 

In that document you will get information what is Quip, how to edit documents, how to save them, what are the keyboard shortcuts. You can also mention people and documents by using @symbol. Also the document has an information how to send messages or  how to share your documents. Whenever a change  is made to a document ,called as Diff i;e document edit is added to the thread. This shows you and visual of what exactly has been changed .

 Diff helps you in staying up-to-date with out having to go through the entire document .

 You can check the introduction to Quip and find out the amazing features offered by Quip. Hope this article help you in getting an overview of Quip so i am enclosing the links of Google Android Play store and Apple store. If you come across any problems can definitely write to me: techimpressions2@gmail.com

Quip Google Play | Quip Apple app store
Desktop www.quip.com

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February 9, 2014

Rise of efficient embedded systems is helping us live better life

Few days back I was talking to my father about installing a surveillance cameras' based security system in premises of our restaurant. And I wondered how our lives have changed due to penetration of electronics and embedded systems in our life. Almost a decade and more back we used to personally keep vigil at our restaurant as it on an important pilgrimage route. Now my father can keep vigil on our entire premises using cameras and mobile phones. He isn't into technical stuff ,so asked naively if we can have motion detection in it. "Yes" was my answer.

This small things, like washing machines, microwaves, mobiles, cars, refrigerators,thermostats, Direct to Home satellite TV, etc all have embedded systems and are changing our lives a lot.

Basically Embedded system in an electronic device which is microprocessor based and has a dedicated operating system to run. This Operating system of embedded systems is designed in such a way that it performs very specific tasks in given a time-frame.

A classic example to explain embedded systems is a mobile phone. Mobile has functions like calling, receiving, screen brightness, data connectivity , ringtones,  camera , music player etc . Each of this function has dedicated small microchip or embedded processor and controls a very specific function like data connectivity or ringtones settings etc. This happens all simultaneously , hence it is called working in  "Real Time". Embedded system is a intelligent system but well it is not a computer.

Major Parts of Embedded systems.

  • Embedded Hardware. The caricature of the device or Microprocessors.
  • Embedded Software : The Software to run processes of each of the functions. usually written in ROM(Read only Memory)
  • RTOS(Real Time Operating System): Upper layer of software which helps in execution of processes and gives command which process should work in which way.
Embedded systems are installed in many of the electronics devices from washing machines, to warplanes to satellites. and yes they can be found on moon and mars too, in the rovers like NASA's Curiosity rover.

Our lives are being saved by embedded systems, they are controlling the artificial pacemakers , modern artificial limbs giving gift of beautiful life to thousands . You probably might have heard how mini-camera based capsules are used in diagnosis. If not please Google 'Wireless Capsule Endoscopy'. Embedded systems are helping weather scientists to keep watch on typhoons, cyclone, tsunamis etc. 

Smart cars are becoming reality day by day which will help reduce accidents. Companies like ford are testing cooperative adaptive cruise control(CACC) to reduce accidents and deliver safe travel.
Schools are using touch screen based projectors, screens for teaching, problem solving, stimulation and modelling of experiments.

The way our lives are changing due to embedded systems it will keep on going. In next two decades embedded systems are going to be in almost all devices around us public transports, cars, bikes, retail shops, banks, malls, schools, homes,offices,wearable devices. Just looking at the exhaustive list and the tremendous efforts put forward by different organisations to bring them to our life it is safe to say that Embedded Systems will be one of the most sought after fields of study and hence would require a lot of talented minds.
Fig : as shown in Digit Magazine Fast-track

In words of writers at digit magazine "Embedded systems is more like an amalgamation of almost all cool technologies  of today - Software Programming, Digital Electronics, Mobile Computing,Wearable Computing, Augmented Reality and hence would require a base knowledge of all the above mentioned fields, especially Digital Electronics."

An Embedded system engineer will be dealing with revolutionary, often complicated, and innovative electronics hence should check for good courses to succeed  in this field.
I have found out that university of Cambridge has some of the best courses for electronics and embedded system .
If you are looking to go to UK check out this website by British Council  www.knowledgeisgreat.in

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February 8, 2014

Massively Intelligent systems using Artificial Intelligence [AI] are jumping into fray

The news about IBM Watson Supercomputer being commercialized to give business intelligence for banks is making rounds in tech world. Artificial Intelligence in simple words is the technology behind efficient embedded systems, Automation software, robotics , smart networks etc.

IBM Watson in action at Gameshow Jeopardy

The Watson supercomputer uses artificial intelligence[AI] to quickly analyse vast amounts of data and understand human language to the extent where it can hold sophisticated conversations.
Two new banks namely DBS bank based in Singapore and NED bank in south africa are planning to adopt this system. IBM Watson became famous when it beat human contenders on Game-show Jeopardy in February 2011 .It uses natural language understanding  and artificial intelligence[AI] to read large volumes of data in less time to give answers very fast. Several other banks like Citibank , ANZ bank of Australia are already using few services of IBM Watson.
   This is not the only application of AI, recently University of Brighton in UK teamed up with advertising company Crimtan to apply AI into advertising and branding efforts for Crimtan's client base and help Crimtan into more radical , new and accelerated decision making.

Small Robos playing Soccer in RoboCup
  So the question arises will AI become mainstream and start affecting our day to day life ?
Well the answers can be found in deliberate investments made by technology companies and universities in field of AI. Google's Acquisition of Datamind technologies , Nest , Schaft.inc , Meka Robotics, Boston Dynamics and its ongoing work at  Google X  labs' the Google driverless car shows the way company will be moving forward in future.
Also investment done by Facebook to form a AI team shows how social networks will evolve. Facebook started this AI team to understand the data shared by users[quoted by mark Zuckerberg ]  "to do world-class artificial intelligence research using all of the knowledge that people have shared on Facebook".

Best implementation of AI can be seen in transportation.

AutoNOMOS from Germany

A car named AutoNOMOS made in germany has already made successful test runs in daily traffic  in Berlin city.Organisations like Toyota, Audi, are already into massive R&D efforts to develop intelligent transport systems.

Professor Andrew Ng, (center) and his graduate students Pieter Abbeel (left) and Adam Coates have developed an artificial intelligence system that enables “autonomous”  AI helicopters to teach themselves to fly by watching and learning the maneuvers of a radio-control helicopter flown by a human pilot.
We can say this field has started becoming exciting as more and more day to day activities will be affected by systems enabled with artificial intelligence.

Also I think this is a high time if anyone wants to make career out of this opportunity.
I think a M.Sc Computing (Artificial Intelligence ) will be a great degree. As entry barriers are one can check universities like Cambridge , Imperial college of London, Stanford, University of Brighton etc for admissions.

May be getting into universities like Imperial college of London and university of Brighton can help you land directly on an ongoing Artificial Intelligence project. Well my personal favorite is Imperial college of London due to the high research climate and its high ranking among world universities. Four of the top six universities in the world are in the UK.
Also if you are looking forward for courses in UK then have a look at this website by British council.
It gives you detailed information about studying in UK.

On that note I will end this post. Hope this article has been useful to you.

Thanks to : Digit magazine for its Fast Track on Artificial Intelligence.

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